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Closer cooperation, new innovational opportunities

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and ZÁHONY-PORT entered a Cooperation framework agreement on the 64th Railway Employees Day
The ceremonial signing of the cooperation agreement between Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. (RCH) and 100% MÁV Zrt. subsidiary, ZÁHONY-PORT Záhonyi Logisztikai és Rakománykezelési Szolgáltató Zrt. (ZÁHONY-PORT) took place at the Railway Employees Day in Nyíregyháza. The document was signed by Dr. Imre Kovács, RCH's Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO and József Farkas, General Manager of ZÁHONY-PORT.

ZÁHONY-PORT, which hold an essential role in Rail Cargo Hungaria's eastward transports, executes the transshipment of almost 3 million tons of consignment yearly. RCH therefore developed a close operational, commercial and IT cooperation with ZÁHONY-PORT, carrying out transshipment as the operator of the largest railway-logistics area in the region. The contractual relationship, which was set on new grounds 4 years ago, has required continuous consultation and review of railway operation processes. The contractual relationship is reviewed quarterly, and this periodic summary offers an overview of operational and commercial tasks and also answering arising client demands on a higher level. The agreement signed now was preceded by several months of consultation in which expert colleagues clarified the operational issues and finalised the opportunities ensured by a contractual cooperation with RCH. The framework agreement signed for an indefinite period of time providing mediated services to RCH clients represents an order worth several billion Hungarian forints for ZÁHONY-PORT and therefore has a huge impact on employment in the region.

Hungary's Gate of the East

Záhony region holds an important position in the railway transport competition of the eastern markets, since the transshipment junction is part of the Corridor VI from Spain to Záhony and therefore a significant strategic junction point through Kiev and Moscow to China. The different infrastructure-operational background of Hungary and Ukraine however requires close cooperation and synchronised communication between the participating rail freight enterprises, and this business relationship poses new organisational and also IT challenges for the companies. Both parties have ensured large amounts and serious developmental work to modernise and synchronise the IT systems, in order to provide faster and more precise information to the clients.

By renewing the cooperation, Rail Cargo Hungaria is ensuring the proper subcontracting capacity to the new railway traffic involved in the eastern relation and as the largest rail carrier in the region and a neutral mediator of logistics capacities it continues to contribute to preserving and increasing the international competitiveness of the Záhony area.
Both MÁV Zrt. and its subsidiary, ZÁHONY-PORT Zrt, carried out significant developments in the transshipment area of Záhony. As a part of the above, they renewed the large part of gantry cranes operating in crane runways, which also contributed to providing the eastern container throughput capacity. Using resources from the European Union and thanks to successful tenders, several new mobile loaders have been put into operation.
MÁV, RCH and ZÁHONY-PORT will continue to do everything to ensure smooth completion of increasing freight traffic between East and West, and to preserve international competitiveness of the Záhony area.

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