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FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria: locomotive inauguration ceremony in the Hungarian Railway Museum

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Budapest, 2 September 2014: The Taurus locomotive, carrying an illustration reminiscent of the results achieved by the FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria women's handball team, one of the most successful Hungarian sport teams, was presented in the Hungarian Railway Museum.

The inauguration ceremony was Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt's and Handball Section of FTC's joint event. In the year to come hundreds of thousands of passengers will be able to see the locomotive decorated by the special livery.

Management of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt and MÁV-START Zrt's CEO participated in the event. At the ceremonial unveiling of the locomotive, Zsolt Ákos Jeney, the President of the Handball Section of FTC was accompanied by FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria team.

Dr. Imre Kovács, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. explained that the leading railway company decided to decorate the locomotive weighing several aspects. Among these aspects were business considerations, namely, that this way Europe's one of the leading railway freight corporations, Rail Cargo Group's Hungarian member company's name would reach its potential commissioners. He added: "I also find the message conveyed by the graphics extremely important: the illustration reminiscent of the successes of the FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria women's handball team radiates the power and joy of working, thinking and acting in a team. This extraordinary gesture enforces the confidence our company has in the team we have sponsored for the last 4 years."
Dr. Imre Kovács thanked the management of MÁV Zrt. for providing Rail Cargo Hungaria with the Taurus locomotive, one of the top state-of-the-art vehicles available in Europe. The locomotive with the livery illustrating FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria women's handball team will forward passenger trains. "The locomotive inaugurated now also symbolises the strategic cooperation between Rail Cargo Hungaria and MÁV, a cooperation reinforced by the obstacle-free implementation of this initiative" – added the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

Zsolt Ákos Jeney, the President of the Handball Section of FTC expressed gratitude to the management of MÁV Zrt. for providing the livery on the Taurus locomotive, and also to the management of Rail Cargo Hungaria for the 4-year long sponsorship and strengthening of collaboration, reflected also by this event.

Zsolt Ákos Jeney said that it was clear already from the beginning that Rail Cargo Hungaria's decision to sponsor FTC women's handball team was not influenced by solely business considerations, since they were looking for opportunities to deepen the relationship together, working as a team, construing a cooperation which has grown to be exemplary.
The President of the Section feels especially honoured on behalf of Ferencváros and especially FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria to have one of the most modern locomotives of the Hungarian railway decorated by illustrations of two consecutive CWC wins of FTC women's handball team.
"Apart from being honoured and proud, this is also a huge responsibility, since we entered a prominent circle with István Széchenyi, Ferenc Liszt, Flórián Albert and the Golden Team as its members. This motivates us to multiply our efforts in working on achieving at least similar successes as a way of thanking Rail Cargo Hungaria for its undiminished confidence."

Csaba Ungvári, CEO of MÁV-START Zrt said: "MÁV has created a tradition of using this special way of paying tribute to those who achieved extraordinary results in a field by decorating our locomotives. This makes it possible to spread all around our country and even beyond its borders the reputation of those whom Hungarians are proud of, be it a famous inventor, a successful team, or a historical figure. The first livery on a MÁV locomotive represented the Golden Team, so our railway company was more than happy to support Rail Cargo Hungaria's initiative. As a result of our joint work, another Taurus locomotive is spreading the good reputation of Hungarian sports people, in this case, the FTC women's handball team."

An exciting autumn is ahead of FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria, since following the start of the Championship on Monday, there are four more competitions in September. What is more, on the third weekend in September Gábor Elek's team will compete in probably the most important matches of the season in order to get into the main draw of the Champions' League.

More information:

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.
Marketing and Communications
Email: press@railcargo.hu

Handball Section of FTC
Brigitta Sidó Press Officer
Email: sido.brigitta@ftckezilabda.hu


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