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25 000th shuttle train left AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft for Ingolstadt

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GYŐR, March 9, 2015: 25 000th shuttle train left from AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft's factory to Ingolstadt with DB Schenker Rail Hungaria's cooperation. From Győr, the train was again forwarded by Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH). This event is a symbolic reinforcement of the long-standing cooperation between the two railway companies and the factory.
From AUDI's factory in Győr DB Schenker Rail Hungaria's locomotive was used for traction to the station, where the locomotive was replaced by the locomotive carrying the livery illustrating FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria women's handball team for this special occasion. The train was handed over by Nándor Németh representing DB Schenker Rail Hungaria and received by Ottó Horváth Operational Director representing RCH.
The automotive factory is dedicated to environmentally friendly rail freight, in which Rail Cargo Hungaria has been its partner for 19 years. Rail Cargo Hungaria is forwarding parts and finished products between Hegyeshalom and Győr on a regular basis, hence greatly reducing environmental impact.
Rail Cargo Hungaria has been Audi Hungaria's railway logistics partner since 1996: during this time it participated in forwarding 16-17 million tons of automobiles, parts and semi-finished products. The railway company is determined to keep the quality of its services at the highest level possible under all circumstances. That we managed to achieve this goal is shown in the fact that Audi's transport management forwarding and service assessment system evaluated Rail Cargo Hungaria's service quality at 96%.
In Győr station Audi Hungaria is the company carrying out the largest railway traffic, 53% of its transportation is by rail. Trains heading for ports leave the factory 7-8 times a week, which amounts to 60% of transportation of finished automobiles in 2014, as opposed to 40% via public roads. Rail Cargo Hungaria forwarded 1337 trains on Győr-Ingolstadt and Ingolstadt-Győr relations, which equals 3 trains a day, taking a working week into account. Rail Cargo Austria takes the trains from Hegyeshalom to the Austrian-German border, where they reach the factory in Ingolstadt via Deutche Bahn's cooperation.
The success of this cooperation, beyond the partnership, is well shown in the fact that Audi Hungaria
chose Rail Cargo Hungaria to be its railway logistics partner in 2015.

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