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FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria won a National Championship for the 12th time!

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On May 14, 2015, in Győr, the golden medal was in the FTC women's handball team's hands again after year 2007. The leading women's handball tournament resulted in 27-25 after a close fight against Győr. The green-whites managed to win the championship for the 12th time in the history of the club.

Gábor Elek, coach of FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria, the team which was short handed several times during the match, said: "It is very difficult for me to say anything at this moment. I am grateful for the team and those who made it possible for us to achieve this title and live through unimaginable happiness."

Foto fradiMembers ot the FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria champion team: Anita Cifra, Dorottya Faluvégi, Annamária Ferenczi, Noémi Háfra, Petra Hlogyik, Ágnes Kocsis, Erika Kőhalmi, Mónika Kovacsicz, Viktória Lukács, Rea Réka Mészáros, Noémi Mód, Orsolya Monori, Pena Nerea, Viktória Soós, Piroska Szamoránsky, Adrienn Szarka, Melinda Szikora, Zita Szucsánszki, Katarina Tomasevic, Zsuzsanna Tomori, Melinda Tóth, Orsolya Vérten

Golden years of the FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria team: 1966, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2007.

Rail Cargo Hungaria, on behalf of all colleagues of the company, congratulates them and wishes them further success!


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