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Foresters and railway workers together for the environment

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Hungary's leading rail freight carrier, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt, and its partner, Bakonyerdő Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt, in the spirit of environmental awareness jointly organised a waste collecting event in the territory of Devecser Forestry. This cooperation emphasizes the philosophy of the two companies: we can all do something for our environment.

László Varga , CEO of the Bakonyerdő Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt, as well as Dr. Imre Kovács, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. took part in the event. Within the framework of the program, the colleagues of the forestry company and the railway company jointly collected the garbage thrown in the Devecser woods, in order to create a cleaner environment which would mirror the forestry company's slogen: "Nature is our everything!"

The railway company is taking part in a similar, community-forming initiative for the second time, with an

overt objective to make the movement called "Collect – for clean woods and a clean environment" a tradition, thus creating a livable world for the future generations, too. As a rail freight company, it aims at decreasing the environmental load, preventing environmental pollution, preserving the values of natural and built environment, creating a harmonious relationship between people and their environment, protecting the wildlife and ensuring sustainable development. Rail forwarding is an environmentally friendly solution in itself, since its CO2 emissions impact the environment to a far less extent than road freight. In addition, the railway company is regularly announcing green programes related to office work, which the company implements structurally via the Environmental Management System (EMS), introduced in 2014.

The initiative was a great opportunity for boosting the community spirit and enforcing the partnership between the two companies, and it also had a motivating effect. It is important to emphasise the steps we make for the environment, since they may motivate others to follow them: if we ourselves help create a nicer, greener environment, we will also consider its preservation our task.


Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. – your partner in Europe

"Our innovative rail freight solutions create a more livable environment"

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. is an important member of the Rail Cargo Group one of the leading logistics and transport corporation. Experts working for the company group are at the clients' disposal 365 days a year, between the North Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The railway company is operating more than a hundred thousand trains and almost 33 million tons of goods, completing the bulk of its freight tasks by its own fleet numbering 25 locomotives. Due to its country-wide coverage, the company is at the clients' disposal all throughout Hungary. At the local level, it manages its activities from Budapest in close cooperation with regional operational centres in West, East and Záhony. Rail Cargo Group, cooperating with its domestic and European subsidiaries provides complex and multi-level services to its clients. Rail Cargo Hungaria will operate an integrated management system by receiving the ISO 14000 (KIR) certificate in September, together with the already received ISO 9001 quality management and the OHSAS 18000 occupational health and safety management system.

Bakonyerdő Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt.

The BAKONYERDŐ Zrt is a forest economy that not only manages, but protects the nature at a high quality, it preserves historical monuments, its forest guest houses provide space for the hikers and for people who want to relax and disconnect for a while, and its forest schools, veterinaries and zoos are attracting the new generations. The company is taking care of the forest resources and wildlife population assigned to it, professionally and in an environmentally friendly way, regardless of natural disasters – winds, drying up of pine trees and foliage trees – occurring more and more frequently. For the forestry company, public welfare investments are not instant crushes or sudden ideas, but rather, they are realised as a result of activities thought through, built one another and answering real social demands.

Investments carried out in the company are trying to save the jobs of more than three hundred people in the branch of industry affected probably affected the most by the crisis. There are two small, modern factories answering the demands of the market, the BEFAG Parkettagyár (parquet floor factory) and the Franciavágási Fűrészüzem (sawing factory). The last two decades were about creating a balance between the three functions of the forest – economic, public welfare and defense. We manage the three main industries (sustainable and natural forestry economics; wildlife management; wood processing) in the spirit of retaining our forests' defense and public welfare functions at the highest levels, while achieving economic profit. We know that creating a balance between the humans and the nature is down to the humans. This is what we aim for!

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

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Bakonyerdő Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt.

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