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Filming Winnetou with the cooperation of Rail Cargo Hungaria

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Based on the German RTL's decision, the Winnetou series will be refilmed, originally screened in the 1960's. Work has already started in Croatia. The steam engine and coaches of historical value commissioned by the film production company to appear in the movie have been transported to the required destination by Rail Cargo Hungaria and through Rail Cargo Logistics Hungaria's cooperation, by Rail Cargo Carrier.

The train was forwarded by RCH in Hungary and by RCC in Slovenia, in a separate route. Preparation of the process required close attention, since due to the historical value and technical characteristics of the steam engine, it needed to be transported very carefully. Among other things, for example, this meant the train had to stop for 10 minutes every 50 minutes, because the experts – who were travelling together with the steam engine and the wagons – had to oil the rotating, sliding parts of the engine in order to avoid their overheating. The forwarding was further hindered by the fact that Istrian penninsula can by train only be reached from Slovenia, that is why Rail Cargo Carrier's locomotive was needed, which can carry out forwarding in both countries. Another obstacle was the constant modification of the train's date and time of arrival on the production company's part. According to the client, the forwarding task was completed succesfully. The next step is getting the train home, in the second half of September.


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