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Trainee programme opening

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Another academic year has started in Rail Cargo Hungaria and Rail Cargo Group's joint trainee programme, which also signifies the end of the programme for the trainees who started the programme last year. The festive event was opened by Dr. Teodóra Vincze HR Manager, who emphasised that all four trainees have continued to work for the group, which may stand as an example to the newcomers.

Dr. Imre Kovács, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors said at the beginning of its greeting: this is not the beginning of the road anymore, but rather the first third of the road to creating a healthy company in the long term – for at least 20-40 years to come. In order to achieve this, we need human resources in more areas, plus, there are more expectations with regards to maintaining a competitive company than in the old days. It is not enough to be a good railway specialist, international connections are just as needed, since we are not a Hungarian state company anymore. In order to secure our future, we primarily have to cooperate with Vienna. Apart from the traineeship programme, we are also collaborating with a growing numbers of universities and this shows immediate results. Although young people after graduating from college assume they have arrived here as ready people, they actually have a lot to learn about the profession, which is supported greatly at the trainee programme.

After the welcoming speeches, Tibor Török, Pál Orosz, Péter Bede and Balázs Egri, the four final year trainees held their presentations about their experiences, tasks and dilemmas from last year.
Nathan Zielke CFO summarised the above and called attention to the complexity of the railway industry: it requires not only workforce and wagons, but many other factors to be in place so that everyday successes may be reached. He emphasised that it is very important to ask questions, think about the reasons and suggest new solutions, if they are benefitial. Many fields may prosper greatly if they are not looked at through railway glasses. He mentioned the structural renewal and arriving at a point after downsizing when rebuilding is in order – paying attention to the fact that the average age of the workers is decreasing. Both the graduating and new trainees are men, which is also a proportion that needs to be improved, since railway can be interesting for women, too. Nathan Zielke encouraged the new trainees to try to understand the background of operating: be able to overview the system, the connections, RCH's role in the Group, the connection between the subsidiaries and our busy place in the international competition. The four final year trainee's ended their speeches by saying there will be a similar opportunity next year, in other words, one may become a trainee next year, too, so they should spread the word and keep the knowledge they gained in the past year.

The event was closed by Peter Truhlarovsky HR Manager of RCH, who arrived for the occasion from Vienna with three other colleagues. Hiring new colleagues is always a light at the end of the tunnel. He congratulated the old trainees on their excellent speeches and the new ones on their decision to enter a similar programme. He also added that a person arriving here arrives to a complex company group of 18, including 3 largest railway companies, where there are always task to do and standards to meet. What is needed here is the love for the railway and devotion to the corporation. At the same time, it is not enough to ask questions, it is necessary to provide answers since day one, since the company is everbody's and our results are everybody's, too. Finally, he thanked those Hungarian and Austrian colleagues who provided cooperation and support and he wished the internships great success.

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