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Information about the introduction of new customs code

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Dear Partner,

We kindly inform you that the new Union Customs Code and its provisions, as well as the Act on implementation of the Union Customs Law and its provisions have entered into force on 1 May 2016; consequently, the consignment notes of CIM and Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail (AIGTR) lose their scope as customs documents.
This implies that in AIGTR traffic the freight carriers lose their guarantee-free status. As an effect, the tasks of cost bearer in connection with the managing of non-EU goods forwarded on rail by Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. (hereinafter RCH) vary significantly.

In case of CIM (CIM/AIGTR) consignment notes the guarantee-free forwarding is only possible, if each of the railways involved fulfill the conditions of simplification.

For ensuring customs for the transport of non-Community status goods entering the European Union at its external borders we offer our clients the following three possibilities:

  • Our customers may place the consignments into free circulation at the border station - on RCH's commission, or
  • Our customers may provide the customs guarantee required for the consignment by themselves, with which RCH may initiate the transport or
  • Based on a separate commission, Rail Cargo Hungaria shall undertake the ensurance of customs guarantee required for the transportation. (RCH does not undertake customs guarantee of "sensitive" goods.)

In the latter two cases the cost-bearer shall ensure that the documents needed for the forwarding are at the RCH's disposal at the given border before the goods arrive to the border station. RCH shall issue restrictions on goods traffic for receipt of non-Community status goods which are not accompanied by a customs bill.

RCH provides customs guarantee after payment of the following separate fees:

rate of customs duty per means of transport      customs guarantee service fee
up to 2 million HUF 5000 HUF/means of transport (wagon, UTI)
2-10 million HUF 8000 Ft /means of transport (wagon, UTI)
10-25 million HUF 12000 Ft /means of transport (wagon, UTI)
over 25 million HUF separate agreement.


Our information letter can be read via this pdflink

You can find the commission form via this link pdfCommission (for manual use)

You can find the commission form via this link commission (for electronic use)


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