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We continue to broaden our product portfolio

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A Rail Cargo Group has purchased the German PCT Private Car Train GmbH rail freight company, which used to be member of the ARC Altmann AG before.
Rail Cargo Group meets the requirements of rail logistics in and beyond Europe thanks to its strong European partnerships and the railroad connections between the major sea ports and terminals. The purchase of the German rail company contributed to our goal to invest in the establishment of our own traction activity between the North Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea. The new company, from April 2016 under the name Rail Cargo Carrier- PCT provides an excellent link between the logistics and transport performance of Rail Cargo Group and the German automotive industry clients. Rail Cargo Group is a reliable partner in the timely and correct supply of raw-material, as well as semi-finished and finished products of the automotive industry, delivering engines, transmissions and car-body elements just-in-time.
With this fusion we are able to provide permanent services out of one hand on the entire territory of Germany, intensifying the freight transport from the North Sea to the Adriatic and from the Atlantic to the Black Sea.

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