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Railwaymen and foresters hand-in-hand for the protection of nature

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Press release

Veszprém, July 17, 2017. – Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt, Hungary's market–leading rail freight transport company together with its partner, VERGA Veszprémi Erdőgazdaság Zrt.(VERGA Forestry of Veszprém) have organized a common waste collection campaign for the fourth time. This time the leaders of the two companies have cleaned the forest area in Bakony maintained by the forestry from the illegally deployed waste and litter. The railwaymen and the colleagues of the forestry were working together in the designated area.

Ugron Ákos Gábor, deputy state secretary for state-owned land of the Ministry of Agriculture was present as well, and together with dr. Kovács Imre, chairman of the board of Rail Cargo Hungaria, CEO, Schumacher István, director general of VERGA Zrt. and Varga László, director general of Bakonyerdő Zrt. took an active part in the nature protection activity.

During the waste collection the leaders of the railway undertaking and the forestry drew attention to the possibility of maintaining the economical rail transport of harvested wood with regard to the enlargement of the Pápa airport runway. The experts are working on proposals how to secure the future of a sawmill producing a value of HUF 800 Million p.a. and providing jobs for 110 people in a way not to endanger the environmental values of the Bakony forests.

The leading service provider on the market, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. with its annual performance of hundreds of thousands of tons lays great emphasis on environmentally consciousness, reduction of environmental pressure, pollution prevention and the protection of the ecosystem. The common event in its informal way contributes to the further cooperation of the participating companies' as well.

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