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Press release - Rail Cargo Hungaria scholarships awarded

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November 16, 2017. - Dr. Imre Kovács, CEO and chairman of the board of directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria awarded students with scholarships for their excellent study results together with Elisabeth Ellison-Kramer, Ambassador of Austria in Budapest and Margot Wieser, principal of the Austrian School of Budapest. Our company supports the pupils of the school with HUF 1 Million annually.
Aim of the „Rail Cargo Hungaria Study Scholarship Program" founded in 2011 is to acknowledge and support students with extraordinary results, to facilitate talent management in the Austrian School of Budapest and to strengthen the traditional cooperation between the Austrian School of Budapest and Rail Cargo Hungaria. Together with this year's scholarships the market-leading rail freight transport company granted financial support more than fifty times to talented pupils and their families in order to continue their study in this school.

Ambassador Elisabeth Ellison-Kramer praised the traditional relationship between the Hungarian subsidy of Rail Cargo Group and the school and congratulated the awarded students. „Rail Cargo Hungaria has grown into a success story in a competitive environment serving as an example for the cooperative and sustainable economic relations between Austria and Hungary. It is an immense credit for the Austrian School that Rail Cargo Hungaria commits itself to the investment into this scholarship program. I hereby express my gratitude to RCH for the support it gives to our schools and I hope that this cooperation will go on for many years" – she added.

Dr. Imre Kovács pointed out that "despite that rail freight transport is a branch which is developing dynamically offering outstanding career opportunities for young people; it is still struggling with the lack of new recruits in Hungary, Austria and everywhere else in Europe. The market-leader company therefore is supporting youth development on all levels of education".
„Promoting the education of young generations is an important and rewarding investment for our company" – said Dr. Kovács. „Beside the Austrian School of Budapest we concluded an agreement with the Vocational Training Centre in Szekszárd (Szekszárdi Szakképzési Centrum) and the Apáczai Csere János Secondary School of Dombóvár about wagon inspection training for baccalaureates. We motivate pupils who would like to become locomotive drivers in the SZC Bánki Donát Grammar School of Dunaújváros".
„We created dual-system training in cooperation with the Budapest Business School. At the universities of Dunaújváros and Debrecen we prepare students interested in high-level railway profession in a credit-system. We use our experiences gained during the years of cooperation with the Austrian School of Budapest to reach our goals in training new recruits".
Dr. Imre Kovács emphasized in his conclusion that the cooperation symbolises the strengthening of Austro-Hungarian cultural and economic partnership.

Mrs. Margot Wieser, principal of the Austrian School of Budapest told at the ceremony that the successes of her school have many reasons: they work with an experienced, motivated team of teachers, all sitting in one boat and – more important – they look at their pupils as real partners. The basis of fruitful learning is value judgement and the trust between teacher and student. The results are honoured with good marks and moreover with personal feedback and praise. One nice example is the award of the Rail Cargo Hungaria scholarships.

The program was concluded by a cultural program of the students.

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About the Austrian School of Budapest
The Austrian School of Budapest is one of 7 Austrian schools operating abroad and among the best performing grammar schools in Hungary. The school committed itself to maintain and deepen Austro-Hungarian relationships in an international agreement. During its 27 years of existence students with high-level German language skills finished their studies in this institution and were welcomed by German speaking companies or institutions with Austrian relations. The involvement of differentiated education methods and the provision of additional possibilities in support of the academic success of talented pupils are essential for a successful grammar school. Learning is the responsibility of students, whereas the Academic Scholarship Program of Rail Cargo Hungaria is a motivating factor.

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