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Rail Cargo Hungaria sponsoring FTC’s women handball team prolonged till 2020

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Budapest, September 16th 2017. – Dr. Imre Kovács, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. CEO, and Gábor Kubatov, President of Ferencvárosi Torna Club signed solemnly the agreement, in which the rail freight forwarding company prolonged its commitment to sponsor FTC's women handball team until 2020 and to use the name Rail Cargo Hungaria in the team's official name.

„The women handball department is successful at both national and international competitions. It won the championship two years ago, this year they got the Hungarian Cup, and got into the quarter finals of the Champion's League. This outstanding performance requires constant and stabile material background. The management of the club supports the department and the girls at its best, but without the active presence of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. we wouldn't know what to do. The company is supporting the women's handball team of Ferencvárosi Torna Club since 2011 and all our fans can be proud of the achieved successes at home and abroad during this period. As I have said before I hope that the prolonged agreement serves as a basis for similar future achievements" – Gábor Kubatov told upon the occasion of the signature.

Dr. Imre Kovács reminded everyone that the results of the cooperation show the rightness of the decision entering the sponsoring agreement with the company naming. „Rail Cargo Hungaria and the champion team of FTC are allies for success and both parties done their best to achieve the results. Our company is proud to stand by the girls unbowed as a naming sponsor" – he stressed.

"In the past half of a decade the employees of Rail Cargo Hungaria were cheering the team as fans, the demand for tickets for games is always more than their availability. The sports experiences are inspiring, the winnings are motivating. Our cooperation lays on common values: success, commitment and the ability to fight for the goals" – he added.

The naming sponsorship of FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria women's handball team is an integral part of the social responsibility policy, which focuses on environmentally conscious forwarding, high quality work and – to the extent of the company's possibilities – the support of sports activities and deprived communities.


Information about shipments in temporary storage

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Dear Partner,

We hereby inform you that due to changes in customs legislation and in the Excise Act the conditions of temporary storage of shipments in regard of customs law will change as from September 1st, 2017.

This change means that:

1. as from September 1st 2017 RCH will no longer offer temporary storage for goods and shipments which are subject to excise act, thus the provision of an excise guarantee is needed.

2. as from September 1st 2017 after the entry at an external border station (Eperjeske/Záhony, Kelebia) for all other, non-Community status shipments the temporary storage – according to the provisions of the valid agreements and contracts between the parties – is provided without charge by RCH for its partners for a period of 15 days. For temporary storage exceeding 15 days the service fee is HUF 20.000,- per means of transport a day (wagon, UTI).

3. This fee is charged under the title „commissioned temporary storage of non-Community status shipments" under supplementary fee code 41.7.

Due to the introduction of the above changes the modification of the related agreements and contracts becomes necessary, which modifications will soon be sent to our partners concerned.

The form for the order of the services mentioned in section 2 is available on the webpages of RCH. Please note, that for the shipments for temporary storage a customs invoice is needed as well.

We kindly ask you to apply the above described changes immediately after the receipt of our letter regarding the deadline of September 1st 2017.

Please, find below our notification letter:



Turnkey Railway Logistic Solutions in Grain Transportation

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In addition to grain trade, attendees of the 9th Grain Partnership Meeting held on June 7 and 8, at Baja, Hungary, paid particular attention to transport related issues as well. All attending businesses in the value chain could inform themselves of the crop expectations, processing and delivery capacities, seller and buyer intentions, as well as the prices prior to launching the campaign works. This year's promising harvest and the dynamically growing grain export volumes of late have drawn attention to river and railway logistic solutions.

The conference featured round table sessions of grain operators and logistic providers, including rail carriers, where, besides talking about sales and logistic chores in detail, they could discuss quality expectations related to stowage, turnaround cycles, capacities and progressive pricing. Operating grain shuttle trains among other services, Head of Business Unit MACE (Mineral oil/Agriculture/Chemicals/Environmental waste), Severin Göbl of Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH) has announced at the meeting that the Hungarian market-leader freight railway undertaking is prepared for the season and offers turnkey railway logistic solutions to its clients.

As a rule, Rail Cargo Hungaria accounts for approx. 70 percent of Hungarian grain exports by rail i.e. 600 to 800 thousand tons in volume. Additionally, Rail Cargo Group's dedicated forwarding company, Rail Cargo Logistics – Hungaria organizes several hundreds of thousands tons of freight per annum.

As Severin Göbl pointed out, the company is most ready to tackle this year's record tonnage challenge. To this end, RCH possesses approx. 800 TA-type grain wagons, supplemented, if need be, by chartered fleet. Not to mention Rail Cargo Group's 23,000-car wagon pool offering a plethora of means of transport.

Rail Cargo Hungaria uses the majority of agricultural loading stations in Hungary to conduct business; see red dots depicting the key grain traffic points on the map. These are the loading sites where customers enjoy advantageous feeder costs.

It is in the mutual interest of customers and carriers alike to address this season's challenges by improving efficiency. Reducing turnaround times can best contribute to optimizing transport costs and meeting delivery deadlines.

E.g. in case of traffic to Italian destinations, the optimal turnaround cycle would be 10 days, however, the fact, more often than not, is practically a single turnaround a month. One of the underlying reasons could be that transports starting off in Hungary, continuing in Croatia and Slovenia and terminating in Italy require train paths and performing cross border operations on the railway infrastructure of a total of four countries. Wherever there is a delay, the schedule becomes disrupted and the train fails to reach the loading station in time or misses the vessel at the seaport, which would ship the grain further.

These nuisances can best be eliminated by joining transport operation services in a single hand, emphasized Severin Göbl. Rail Cargo Group features forwarding enterprises and railway undertakings in all countries of the region, so they can take matters into their own hands, coordinate the participants and intervene immediately and efficiently in the process whenever and wherever most needed.

He also mentioned that the smooth rail delivery of this year's above-average export volumes is feasible with regularly scheduled quantities and pre-disclosed deadline expectations. Were the complex operation of transporting large volumes be joined in the hands of a single entity, e.g. Rail Cargo Hungaria, it could result in providing the most advantageous rail logistics solutions.

Rail Cargo Hungaria's Head of Business Unit MACE also dwelt on evaluating other approaches aimed at increasing efficiency. As he pointed out, even though applying wagons over 100 cubic meters capacity to improve freight effectiveness would seem to be rational when considering the cost factor, public loading sites are yet to be brought up to date to allow this. There are few terminals in Hungary whose loading technology and rail service prerequisites meet today's proficiency requirements. It should also be considered that the railroad tracks are not suitable for trains with the highest axle load in many sections, so running such trains requires a special permit. A further cost increasing factor is that heavy-laden trains demand two locomotives along several stretches. Though faced with such obstacles impeding transit efficiency, nevertheless, Rail Cargo Hungaria will fulfill the orders completely.

Severin Göbl has also disclosed that Rail Cargo Hungaria enjoys an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certificate issued by the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary, which facilitates grain traffic by simplifying customs clearance. In line with EU requirements, on customer request, the company issues a certificate attesting that following the transportation of genetically engineered produce, no wagons used for such deliveries are permitted to be loaded with non-GMO products without first being cleansed by washing. In conclusion, the head of the business unit added that, in knowledge of such advantages, an increasing number of businesses entrust Rail Cargo Hungaria and Rail Cargo Logistics – Hungaria with the entire range of railway logistic operations in grain transport.

Railwaymen and foresters hand-in-hand for the protection of nature

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Press release

Veszprém, July 17, 2017. – Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt, Hungary's market–leading rail freight transport company together with its partner, VERGA Veszprémi Erdőgazdaság Zrt.(VERGA Forestry of Veszprém) have organized a common waste collection campaign for the fourth time. This time the leaders of the two companies have cleaned the forest area in Bakony maintained by the forestry from the illegally deployed waste and litter. The railwaymen and the colleagues of the forestry were working together in the designated area.

Ugron Ákos Gábor, deputy state secretary for state-owned land of the Ministry of Agriculture was present as well, and together with dr. Kovács Imre, chairman of the board of Rail Cargo Hungaria, CEO, Schumacher István, director general of VERGA Zrt. and Varga László, director general of Bakonyerdő Zrt. took an active part in the nature protection activity.

During the waste collection the leaders of the railway undertaking and the forestry drew attention to the possibility of maintaining the economical rail transport of harvested wood with regard to the enlargement of the Pápa airport runway. The experts are working on proposals how to secure the future of a sawmill producing a value of HUF 800 Million p.a. and providing jobs for 110 people in a way not to endanger the environmental values of the Bakony forests.

The leading service provider on the market, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. with its annual performance of hundreds of thousands of tons lays great emphasis on environmentally consciousness, reduction of environmental pressure, pollution prevention and the protection of the ecosystem. The common event in its informal way contributes to the further cooperation of the participating companies' as well.

Further information:

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

Marketing és kommunikáció

Tel.: 06 1 512 7323

E-mail: press.rch@railcargo.com



Rail Cargo Hungaria is a reliable taxpayer as classified by National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV)

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The National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) has classified Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH) as a reliable taxpayer after examining the company's compliance with the Administration's standards. Such standard is among others that the company must not be under intensive supervision of tax authorities in the past five years; the authority has not initiated an execution proceeding against the company as well as the company was not subject of bankruptcy, liquidation, or involuntary deregistration. A total of 11 criteria had to be met for this classification.

The positive result of the status of the reliable taxpayer compared to the general status is among others that RCH gets the VAT refunds already after 45 days instead of 75, a significant contribution to the company's liquidity. In case of omission the authority does not impose a fine, but invites the company to fulfil the tax obligations. The tax or default penalty is only the half of the amount the Administration would normally impose. Another advantage is the length of the official controls must not exceed 180 days. This classification overall is another confirmation towards our customers that our company is a reliable partner.

The authority reviews quarterly the criteria necessary for the status of reliable taxpayer. RCH is doing its best to comply with them in the future as well.

Sugar beet again this year

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. is again a successful participant at the annual sugar beet tender of Magyar Cukor Zrt.

Viktor Lippai, former head of RCH's Business Unit MACE told that after several rounds of negotiations Rail Cargo Hungaria agreed upon the prices and the operative service quality with Magyar Cukor Zrt. This enabled Rail Cargo Hungaria to obtain the vast majority of the transportation tasks in the almost traditional sugar beet campaign. This year's tender presented several new challenges to the company, but eventually an agreement acceptable to both parties was reached.

The calculation of the upcoming campaign demanded extraordinary foresight from the colleagues of operation and commerce while preparing the offers. On one hand, the rail track closures planned by Vasúti Pályakapacitás-elosztó Kft., the distributor of railway capacities change unpredictably the well-established routes. On the other hand the capacity of wagons of type Ea has narrowed due to the simultaneous increasing raw material traffic and the starting infrastructure developments in Hungary. Furthermore in domestic sugar beet transportation relations the road transport has become competitive; in some geographical areas there are no significant differences between the costs of rail and road solutions.

A remarkably stable multi-level relationship has been established between the customer and Rail Cargo Hungaria thanks to their long-lasting cooperation. The parties were seeking possibilities to reach an acceptable agreement – although both represented firmly their own interests.

Viktor Lippai sees Rail Cargo Hungaria's real power in its good customer relations. These relations enable to handle and watch closely and protect long-term projects similar to the sugar beet campaign, which contributed to the success of the company in the intensifying transport market competition.

All colleagues working on all company levels throughout the sizing, project-planning, preparation of calculations and performance do their best to reach the successful outcome, which characterises such customer relations.

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